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Facts about Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a serious oral health condition and it unfortunately affects millions of people. It can ruin the look of a person’s smile and make simple tasks like chewing food and speaking very difficult. It can also cause facial structure loss, severe bite imbalances, jawbone deterioration, and shifting of other teeth.

Why Consider Dentures?

Dentures are popular method to replace an entire row of missing teeth. They consist of natural-looking artificial teeth that are supported by a gum-colored base. Although wearing dentures can take some getting used to, most people typically discover that they feel comfortable to wear and are functional.

At McCaffrey Dental Group, we offer a variety of denture options for patients. Many of our patients have told us that they are thrilled with their fixed dentures and that they have provided them with the confidence they need to show their smiles off to others.

Fixed dentures use four to six dental implants to remain attached inside a person’s mouth at all times. Because dental implants provide the same function as natural tooth roots, most people with fixed dentures say that their replacement teeth feel exactly like their original ones. With proper care, a set of fixed dentures is expected to last a lifetime.

If you are suffering from severe tooth loss and you would like to learn more about the teeth replacement options that are available to you, please call our office at (623) 977-4001 to schedule a free consultation.

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