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At Carlson-McCaffrey Dental Group, we provide top-quality dental crowns that will restore the look and function of damaged or missing teeth. Our team will make sure that your new dental crown puts you on the right track for outstanding oral health. After receiving a dental crown you will enjoy a beautiful smile that looks and feels natural.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped appliance that is placed over a heavily damaged tooth in order to restore its function and appearance. Our experts at Carlson-McCaffrey Dental Group take great pride in providing crowns with an incredibly natural appearance.

Reasons to receive a dental crown include:

  • Fortifying a damaged tooth
  • Post root canal treatment
  • Improve the function of the tooth
  • Improve a tooth’s appearance or shape

When providing a dental crown, we remove some of the enamel of the tooth and then take an impression of your tooth and create a custom crown. The new crown will be applied over the remaining structure and secured using a dental bonding agent. Our experts will ensure your dental crown is secure, and we will provide you patient with information regarding the proper care of your new dental crown.

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Free Dental Crown Consultation

Strengthen damaged teeth

Natural function and appearance

Improved chewing and speaking abilities

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Hear From Our Patients:

[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” name=”Cooper O” nameclr=”#000000″ prof=”” profsize=”” profclr=”” image_id=”730″]Looking for a reliable dental office? This is the place! Everyone at this office is really nice and helpful. The doctor and dental hygienist were thorough. The best part is that, they took care of my dental insurance to make it easy for me. Highly recommended![/vc_testimonial][vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” name=”Deborah T” nameclr=”#000000″ prof=”” profsize=”” profclr=”” image_id=”730″]The employees here are great, especially the doctor! They are very nice and helpful. The inside setting is clean and comfortable too. I have already recommended 2 friends here and will continue to recommend their great dental services.[/vc_testimonial]